The face of training has changed

Make the right decisions in the real world by
practicing them in a game.


Your managers need to be leaders

Know your managers so you can develop them.
Develop your managers for the success of your organisation.

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All organisations require leadership development, compelling Aim to adapt to an array of industries and organisation types. As a result we have experience in dealing with the unique challenges presented by both private and public sector organisations, on all scales: from big organisations to small and medium-sized enterprises.




Aim (previously the African Institute for Mentoring) has been forging and shaping the face of corporate and public leadership since 2001.
Originally focusing on executive coaching and mentoring as the Institute for Mentoring (est. 1994), Aim has used the expertise acquired to evolve into learning specialists: whether games-based learning or action learning.  Read more.

By fusing our people-centric approach with technology, Aim has significantly advanced the field of human capital development.  Our Dashboard ™ uniquely maps and tracks individual personalities, skillsets and motivational drivers, whereas the Navigator™ allows participants to experience the real-time impact of their workplace decisions in this customisable business game.

Our offerings include manager, team, and organization-wide interventions.