Making an impact on your managers on an individual level requires gaining a comprehensive understanding of who they are and what drives them in order to introduce impactful behavioural shifts.


An exclusively Aim tool, the Dashboard™ is where individual profiling and technology meet. This powerful electronic tool provides an at-a-glance indication of the individual’s Unique Design™, psychometric evaluation and work-related competencies. The Dashboard™ feedback focuses on current strengths and performance gaps where development is needed.



What exceptional value do your managers add to your business?

The Unique Design™ process is a guided activity of discovery to explore the individual’s core, and often, subconscious motivations and drivers.


How do you facilitate a better fit between the individual and organisational goals?

Psychometric assessment combined with professional feedback adds further depth to the mapping of the individual’s Unique Design™, giving a comprehensive view that includes personality, emotional intelligence, cognitive processing and stress management



How are your managers doing in their current positions?

Aim develops a client-specific 360° questionnaire to be completed online by the individual, their superiors, direct reports and team members in order to give an accurate assessment of each manager’s current and potential critical competencies.



Can you predict how an employee will cope in a higher position without promoting him/her?

Our game-based assessment centre creates a complete virtual environment where you witness the potential of your managers to perform at a higher level.

Their behaviour in the group, during an interview, in an analytical exercise and in an electronic inbox exercise is observed by specialist assessors. Extensive feedback is provided, either as part of a Dashboard™ or as an intervention on its own.



How do you cultivate impactful, meaningful learning in my organisation?

Aim approaches coaching as an Action Learning process. Learning is applied immediately and on a real-life organisational issue so that a significant problem is solved that has an impact beyond just the manager.  Our mentoring addresses personal and organisational learning within a caring relationship.



As a leader, how do I continue to improve and push myself?

Executives often find themselves at an impasse or ceiling, knowing that they are not operating at their full potential but are unsure how to get there. At Aim we believe that executive coaching can break this deadlock, helping leaders develop an understanding of themselves, their values, and their work environment – and take action accordingly.