Team success through personal development

Successful, well-functioning teams progress towards goals much faster than individual efforts ever can.

The single largest challenge with teams is that they are comprised of a range of unique individuals that must have a shared vision and mission to ensure their efforts are seamless and goal-oriented.

How do you

  1. make sure your teams are healthy, effective and efficient and
  2. align individuals, within a team, to work towards organisational goals?


The Team Dashboard™ provides an at-a-glance indication of a team’s profile and competencies.

  • The challenges the team faces
  • Existing and required critical competencies
  • Outcomes from peer assessment
  • Roles and responsibilities of team members

Aim professionals provide feedback to the team and assist in developing strategies to optimise internal team functioning and aligment with organisational goals.



Based on the team Dashboard™, Aim experts guide your teams to function as committed units, where members learn to understand each other’s uniqueness and contribution to the business.

Accredited facilitators equip team members with the tools to take action on a range of business decisions in a simulated real-time environment using the Navigator™ business game. During the game teams are required to make strategic business decisions, and get to witness the direct impact of their choices – but with an undo button.

Aim’s processes thus align both team members with team goals, as well as between – team functioning and organisational goals.