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Kids expect to fail STEM
Teachers not equipped to teach STEM
Few or no computers in schools
Unreliable internet and expensive data

We’re building a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) middle school from mobile games

Smartphones become schools
Play to learn STEM – anywhere, anytime. On entry level smartphones or the latest iPhones.
Unreliable internet? That’s OK
Only a once-off internet connection needed. Play from anywhere – no internet needed after download.
Don’t worry about the data
Small downloads don’t use up mobile data. Or download when connected to wifi.
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Scalable, remote STEM education using Africa’s ±60% smartphone penetration to deliver high quality education through really fun games!

  • Available for download as an Android or iOS app
  • Or play in a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • Use any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop
  • No internet needed after download
  • Real games that make learning fun
  • Develop essential skills such as problem solving
  • Built-in standardised assessments
  • Focus on the world of work


Tools for teachers to either develop their own understanding of  STEM content or to assess what their students are learning

  • Accessible from any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop
  • Teachers also have fun learning STEM content
  • Teacher tools show how to use games to teach STEM
  • Easy-to-use reports on kids’ progress
  • Track kids according to grades and classes